How Orthotics Work For High Arches

If you have a high arch, you may find that wearing certain shoes causes strain on your feet. You may feel a pulling pressure as you walk, or pain in the ball or heel of your foot as weight is distributed unevenly to compensate for the area your arch leaves untouched to the ground. There are ways you can help balance your arch and reduce the pain and tension you feel on it as you walk or run. Orthotic inserts are one way to help your feet find comfort. Find out how orthotics work for your feet.

Weight distribution

Your arch can be measured to create a custom orthotic insert that is designed to wear underneath your arch to help distribute weight to the rest of your foot. If your foot arches more in the center, the orthotic can be slanted slightly to the front and rear of your foot so your heel and ball absorb most of the shock and distribute your movements more smoothly. This helps reduce the weight on your arch. If your arch is deeper in the back, then your orthotic insert can be weighted more heavily in the front so the ball of your foot can take on more of the weight.

Shock reduction

With a high arch, most of the shock goes to the weakest point of the arch where it has the least support. This is usually where the arch is the highest. Custom orthotics allow your arch to get the most support in its highest point, which reduces shock absorption. The less shock your arch receives, the more evenly used your leg and foot muscles are, which promotes healthier movement and reduces the chances of injury.


Orthotic inserts offer a great deal of comfort. They allow your arches to rest in a more natural state rather than being prone to strain and discomfort. When your weight is distributed more evenly as you walk and your heel and ball of your foot take on more pressure, you can find yourself feeling less pain and pressure in your arch.

If you have high arches and find yourself uncomfortable in your footwear, a custom orthotic insert may be just what you need. Talk to your doctor about getting a referral for a custom orthotic arch support so you can feel better when moving around. You can place your orthotic inserts in nearly any type of shoe and wear it for casual or vigorous activities.