Chiropractic Care And Lifestyle Changes: A Solution To Many Physical Ailments

Whether you're dealing with back pain, chronic headaches or another constant health ailment that is affecting your quality of life, seeking treatment from a chiropractor can help you along the road to recovery. Chiropractic adjustments are one effective way to get your body in proper alignment and keep it that way over the course of your treatment plan and beyond. An effective way to maximize the benefits of your visits to the chiropractor is to adopt some helpful lifestyle changes.

Pairing these changes with your chiropractor care can greatly expedite your body's ability to heal. Here are three changes you can make with ease:

Stress Reduction

In today's busy world, many people deal with a degree of stress almost daily. Even if you don't outwardly feel stressed, however, this emotion can subtly be leading to some changes within your body that can worsen your physical pain. For example, stress often causes tight muscles in your back and neck; this muscle tightness can hold your spine in a misaligned position that leads to further issues.

Whether you have stress at work or at home, make some adjustments to your lifestyle to reduce what's bothering you. Activities such as yoga and meditation can help, as can writing down your thoughts in a journal, speaking to a therapist or setting aside specific times of the week for a hobby.

Regular Exercise

Working out on a regular basis is an effective way to build a healthier body. If your physical ailment limits the intensity at which you feel comfortable exercising, try something moderate such as riding a stationary bike or walking on a treadmill. These low-impact activities won't painfully jar your back and serve to strengthen your muscles to improve your posture.

For example, a stronger abdominal region reduces your likelihood of developing a slouching posture, which can place your spine in an unhealthy position. It's ideal to find time for 150 minutes of cardiovascular exercise per week.

Less Time Sitting

Although formal exercise is a valuable accompaniment to regular chiropractic adjustments, getting your body moving throughout the day is also important. Whether you're at home or at work, try to get up every 30 minutes simply to move around the room and limber up your body. You don't have to necessarily perform specific stretches -- the key is to get your body out of the stationary position in which it's been.

Think of other times that you're stationary and brainstorm how you can address them. For example, if you have a long commute, park your vehicle at the far end of your company's parking lot to give yourself a short walk before you take your seat in your office. Contact a professional such as Dr. Serge Lanoue to learn more.