When Neck Pains Won't Stop Being A Pain In The Neck

You may not know what caused the problem. It could have been sleeping the wrong way or leaning against something for too long with your head in an awkward position. It could have been from a traumatic experience like a fall, a fight or a vehicle accident. Whether the problem is a mystery or a painful reminder, getting through the day with neck pain may feel almost impossible. If the medication isn't working and surgery isn't an option, consider a few ways to relieve neck pain at least long enough to concentrate, sleep or at least avoid a little bit of pain misery out of the day.

Fix Your Sleep

If you don't know where the problem is coming from, there's one thing that might not be helping: your sleep situation. 

It's a common suggestion and products are everywhere, but neck or back pain due to bad sleeping positions is still a poorly understood and frustrating topic. It isn't for a lack of research; everyone has a different body type, physical condition and many other circumstances that could play a big part in comfort (or a lack thereof).

The key areas are the mattress and the pillow. Your body needs to be resting as naturally as possible for your spine and joints. Read that again and think about the term naturally. It doesn't mean 'straight' or 'good posture,' but in a position that is comfortable and conducive to continued health for your body.

One problem with resting naturally is that it's hard to pinpoint by shopping in stores. A medical professional with chiropractic experience or understanding is better suited to analyzing your body, the positioning of your spine and other factors that can affect comfort.

Product Or Treatment?

The need for a professional doesn't mean that you can't make things a little better on your own. Many of the memory foam, posture-protecting and curvy-shaped products can help. A lot of people can attest to the amazing new world of comfort that comes from a neck or back-supporting pillow, but not all products work the same for everyone.

If you absolutely must have a good night's rest and think you've found the perfect product, try it. Just keep in mind that while everyone should have a sleeping situation that is custom tailored to their needs, requiring specialized pillows with strange shapes or adjusting contraptions means that you do have a problem. A chiropractor can help.

With a series of examinations and targeted spine and joint therapy, you can begin the road to recovery. Don't think that chiropractic medicine is limited to bending your back and cracking your joints; a great chiropractor is versed in joint therapy, joint science and an understanding of spinal connectivity. Look for a profession who is not only talented, but boasting a promising educational background and the ability to keep up with new studies.

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