Socks: The Cushion Between You & Your Podiatrist

Socks do more than just keep your feet warm in winter -- especially if you're an athlete. The type and quality of sock you wear could be the only thing standing between you and a trip to your podiatrist. So get to know your socks. Your toes, as well as your podiatrist, will thank you later.

According to American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine, wearing the wrong type of socks can cause a number of problems for feet and toes:

  • Bacterial and Yeast Infections
  • Friction Blisters
  • Bursitis
  • Tailor's Bunions

Fabric is a big concern when it comes to wearing the proper sock for the task. Depending on your sport, there is a sock designed to lend support and comfort to your feet.

When to Wear Acrylic Socks

Athletic socks made from acrylic work well for many sports including running, hiking, biking, golf, and tennis—basically any sport which requires repeated running, lunging or jumping. Acrylic athletic socks were made with these hardships in mind. They put an extra layer of cushion between your feet and the ground, they're lightweight, and they tend not to bunch up; the last worry you want in the middle of your 5K run is a pair of socks that won't stay put. 

When to Wear Insulated Socks

Any sport that requires you to be outside in extremes of cold temperatures requires some sort of insulated socks. Often acrylic socks with a synthetic insulating component fit the bill, but among cold-weather athletes, wool, or wool-blends tend to be the sock of choice.

It's natural fibers help keep your feet warm even if they're wet, making them a staple of experienced athletes. If you're hiking, rock-climbing, running or biking outside in the cold, opt for an acrylic-blend sock that offers the added warmth of insulation.

When to Wear Polypropylene Blend Socks

Every athlete benefits from dry toes when engaged in sports. Whether you're working out in the gym or engaged in the tennis match of your life, socks that wick moisture away from your feet are beneficial. They keep feet dry and comfortable even under the toughest workouts. If you're looking for a sock that's good at transferring moisture away from your delicate skin, opt for a nice polypropylene blend. 

If you're unsure which socks best fit your lifestyle, talk to resources such as an Foundation Chiropody foot specialist. They will understand just how big an impact socks have on the problems that affect your feet.