5 Non-Prescription Items To Always Buy At The Pharmacy

When you think about stopping by the pharmacy, you probably only think about it because you need to have a prescription filled. Although that's obviously the main purpose of most pharmacies, you shouldn't stop your shopping at having your prescriptions filled. There are quite a few other items that are best bought at pharmacies, so consider looking for these five things there when you need them.

1. Reading Glasses

If you need a cheap pair of reading glasses and want to skip your eye doctor's office, try looking at your local pharmacy. The reading glasses at a pharmacy are often made of a much higher quality than those that can be purchased at discount stores, and the prices are typically much lower than those at your eye doctor's office.

2. Bandages

Whether you're dealing with an injury now or just want to stock up your first aid kit, consider looking for different types of bandages and gauze at a pharmacy. You can typically buy medical-grade bandages there, plus you can find them in different sizes that you won't find at your average discount store.

3. Makeup

If you're looking to score the best deals on makeup, try checking out your local pharmacy. Many people are shocked by the huge selection of makeup in these stores, and the prices are often in-line with those at discount stores. If you want to skip the cost and aggravation of the beauty counter but want a nice selection of good-quality makeup, your local drugstore could be your perfect option.

4. Wheelchair Parts

If you have a wheelchair and want to keep it in good condition, you're probably going to need to buy spare parts every now and then. Don't assume that you have to buy them directly from the manufacturer or that you have to special order them online; instead, check out your pharmacy. These stores often sell wheelchairs, crutches, walkers and other similar items, and they also sometimes have the parts that people need to keep these items in good condition.

5. Diabetes Testing Equipment

You don't have to go through your doctor to buy diabetes testing equipment. Many pharmacies have a nice selection of monitors, testing strips and more. You may even be able to charge it to your insurance, depending on your policy.

As you can see, there are more useful items to be had at a pharmacy than many people think. Look for these items at your local drugstore next time that you need them, and you are sure to not be disappointed.